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Ethics in Forestry
the standard work
Ethics in Forestry

Ethics in Forestry - the standard work
A fundamental work on ethics in Forestry. Based on these fundamental works establish for the first time in the history a comprehensive possibility of a qualified ethics for forestry and forest management.
The observations in the areas of forestry in regards to agriculture to ethics, forest and forestry, with the help of historical theological - ethical background – A Scientific Work in the field of Environmental and social ethics – Publication of the Thesis

Mandatory publication
This is the official (online) publication.

This is a copyrighted material. All rights reserved by the author. This work is a mandatory publication of the dissertation ("Forest Ethics: a theological and ethical consideration in regards to Forestry and Forest Economy - a scientific work in the field of Environmental Social Ethics"), based on the original work of the author in German language titled "Waldethik", which was published in 2002 (ISBN 3-8316-0207-7) by Herbert Utz Publicationas, Science, Munich. The author reserves the right of translation, reprinting, reprodution by means of photocopying or any similar means and storage in data processing systems – even if in the use of its excerpts.

Copyright of the Dissertation in English © Guido H. Hangartner

The author
The author Guido H. Hangartner is not only a specialist in agriculture (forestry), but also a theologian. As such, he is virtually predestined to write a work on ethics in forestry.
He stayed in India repeatedly between 2010 and 2020, of which about seven years were almost continuous. During this time, he also founded a "Center of Excelence" for electricians and welders in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Link to online publication:

Here is the link to the version in German.

© by Author of the work: Guido H. Hangartner.

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